These are some of the reviews and mentions that have appeared in the press and editorials.

Mac Backup Guru:

“Mac Backup Guru is very easy to use, and the ability to create Backups with Incremental Snapshots that are fully bootable brings new capabilities to Mac backup apps” Review

“Sync an external drive to your Mac and use back up software to make daily bootable archives. Solutions such as Mac Backup Guru will even create versioned backups.”

ComputerWorld Review

“If you want simplicity, a local bootable backup, and a way to keep almost unlimited backups on a drive with limited space. Then Mac Backup Guru is the only game in town.”

MacWorld UK Review

“But there’s a new option recently launched called Mac Backup Guru 2.0. It offers similar features to the more familiar backup options, but with a simpler interface and a pretty neat trick up it’s sleeve. So if you’re setting up a backup solution for somebody less computer savvy, it’s a good option.”

MacWorld UK Mention

“Mac Backup Guru’s interface remains simple to understand and clutter-free, making it possible for novices as well as professionals and power-users to take advantage of the app’s powerful feature set.”

TechnologyTell Review

“They’re not the only kids on the block, though. Enter Mac Backup Guru, yet another bootable clone Mac backup utility that has a few extra features.”

Mac360 Review


Mac Data Recovery Guru:

“So what’s the best utility tool to rescue a damaged Mac hard drive and recover lost files from?
Mac Data Recovery Guru promises the most advanced file recovery yet.”

PCAdvisor Review

“The experience of using Data Recovery Guru was very painless. There was no need to ask for help or look online to figure out how the application worked and what it was all about, and the pricing for the program seems appropriate as well. The cost is $99. That’s it. $99 for file recovery on a Mac with insane ease of use.”

TechRepublic Review

“Unlike other data recovery applications, this really is a very simple application to use and does exactly what it says on the tin.”

Tech-Reviews Review