Mac Photo Recovery

Photo Recovery Guru gets back deleted files and videos from digital cameras. This is most often needed after the memory card is formatted by accident, or gets corrupted.

It is an all too common occurrence with digital cameras that they get loaded up with important media that they have grabbed, and they end up losing it all. Corruption is quite a common cause, which is usually caused by removing the media card before turning the camera off, or by a power failure of some kind. Accidental formatting is also quite common. That is why Photo Recovery Guru exists. It actually works on any media, from Cameras to Disks to CD’s, but it is cheaper than Mac Data Recovery Guru (which also works on any media), and is restricted to recovery filetypes that are commonly found on cameras. This application is here to be a cheap solution to recovering lost data from a memory card or digital camera, where one does not necessarily want the full blown master data recovery application that is Data Recovery Guru.

(Note: We’re so passionate about Data Recovery on a Mac¬†that we have made an entire sister-site dedicated to it.)






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