Clean Disk

Clean Disk is a simple utility for deleting unnecessary stuff from your drive. It frees up a little drive space, and more importantly it speeds up your browser and your OS when it’s starting to feel bogged down.

It also shows you every file you have ever downloaded – even in private browsing mode – and allows you to delete this list that your OS keeps. It is not needed and better cleaned up from time to time.

The other major feature that it has is deleting all of the languages you dont use, yet have tens of thousands of localization files inside Application bundles taking up space and counting as extra files, something that slows down backups as well as individual file counts which can affect a lot of things in your OS experience.



Compatible with macOS 10.9 & up. Free.

All of the apps on MacDaddy are fully self contained and easy to uninstall. Drag and drop the application to the trash in the Finder. This will remove everything.